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Helping YOU minister to youth and young adults

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Orthodox Youth Ministries (OYM) is here to empower, partner, and walk with parents as well as lay and ordained ministry leaders – at a jurisdictional, regional, and local level – as they seek to bring young people into an ever-deepening sense of who they are in Christ.

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Orthodox Youth Ministries (OYM) is the official youth agency of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America.

Our values

Helping YOU minister to youth and young adults

“How do we keep our young people in the Church?”

This question has been asked by a countless number of concerned priests, pastors, parents, and youth workers. You probably have even asked it yourself. After all, it is no secret that Christian churches have been hemorrhaging young people in recent years. The Orthodox Church is no different.

We’ve noticed it. No doubt you’ve noticed it. And your bishops definitely noticed it.

That’s why they deemed 2021 the “Year of the Youth,” in order to focus on this issue. The capstone achievement of that year, was the unanimous approval of the creation of OYM, an Assembly agency that will cast a vision to unite and deepen ministry efforts across jurisdictions and across the United States.

If you find that you have no love but desire to have it, do the works of love and the Lord will see your desire and effort and put love in your heart.

–Saint Ambrose of Optina


Why OYM & Mission Statements

the Board of Directors of the newly  established Youth & Young Adult Ministry Agency adopted “why” and mission statements. 

The First Meeting

The Board of Directors of the newly established Youth & Young Adult Ministry  Agency concluded its first meeting on Friday, December 3.  



Christ, who approached prostitutes, tax collectors and sinners, can hardly be the teacher of those who are afraid to soil their pristine garments, who are completely devoted to the letter, who live only by the rules, and who govern their whole life according to rules.

–St. Maria of Paris

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